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For King & Country

  So this past weekend, my husband and I drove seven hours to attend a For King & Country concert. In preparation, I bought a new purse, one large enough to fit books in it. Then I though of an interesting phrase that summed up the theme of my book, Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach, […]


Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach MB

Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach, MB is a coming of age novel set in the small Manitoba town of Steinbach. June, the main character, wants to graduate high school, marry her boyfriend Caleb and become a successful author. She’s from Winnipeg, originally, but has come to enjoy life in Steinbach. Steinbach seems safe – a […]


The Darkness Comes Out

  Seventeen-year-old Tara loved watching the sunset.  Too bad this might be her last one.  She sat against the rough brick wall of a tall building, near the edge of the city, looking into the sky above the interstate highway.  He’s dead. She blinked away the tears that blurred her vision.  The sparse clouds were […]