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Why I Quit Marketing – Book Marketing Part 1

If you’re a follower of my blog, you may wonder: A series on marketing? I thought Celesta did that before? Yes, well, I had but I deleted it… I bet you’re wondering: Why? It wasn’t because the information was outdated or unhelpful. It was due to intense internal turmoil. God keeps telling me that He’s […]


How to Self-Publish for FREE!

If you have always wanted to get a book published but have given up on the traditional publishing route, don’t despair!  It is now possible to publish a book yourself for FREE.  Don’t pay to self-publish a book!  Many places that sell self-publication services are taking advantage of hopeful young authors.  Why pay when you […]


Self-Publishing an EBook

Many people dream of becoming a published author one day.  In today’s publication racket, it is very difficult.  Most publishers only want to work with writers they already know.  Finding a publisher who will read what you’ve written or even finding an agent to promote your work is a discouraging, and for me, an impossible […]