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Everything for you Jesus! You are my heart’s desire! I’d give it all away! I need your holy fire! Mercy flowing over me, You guide me down your path. You’ve saved me through your blood. For me there is no wrath. Perfect peace and perfect hope, Alight within my core. I receive your Spirit, And […]



Otherworldy, full of fire, All that is reflects you. May I want what you desire, Keep me always true! Gentle, humble, ever kind, I want to know the way. May your thoughts be on my mind, Teach me every day! Holding all things in your hands, The outcome you foreknew. May your Truth reach all […]


I Love You, My Sweet Valentine

When I gaze into your eyes, I swim the deep, chocolate ocean of your soul. When I hear your strong voice, I am Cupid’s arrow shot into the sky.  Zing! When I hold your hand in mine, I am a rose, blooming in the warmth of your love. When I hold you in my arms, […]