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My Grace Is Sufficient For You

So this is where I slept for eight months because I couldn’t make it up the stairs to my bedroom. When you’re young and relatively healthy you typically have the idea that things will stay that way, at least until you are very old. But one small, seemingly insignificant moment can change everything. On August 31, […]


The Word Grace in the Bible

  We need the grace of Christ – like we read about in the Bible. Do you know what the word grace in the Bible actually means? Do you know what Grace is? I sure didn’t. The study on grace that I’ve been doing has really been an eye-opener! The only definition I had ever […]


What is Grace?

Grace isn’t a popular or a well-understood concept in society today.  To most people, the word ‘grace’ means a woman’s name or the prayer is said before a meal.  But to me, grace is everything!  Grace is possible because of what Jesus did for us.  The son of God died for our sin and rose […]