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The Calling to Write

Interview on God’s Calling to Write on the Write Stuff Radio   God Called me to Write When I was sixteen years old I felt God’s calling to write. Sometimes you just have a feeling that God wants you to do something – you just know it, in you heart. That’s how this was. So […]


The Darkness Comes Out

  Seventeen-year-old Tara loved watching the sunset.  Too bad this might be her last one.  She sat against the rough brick wall of a tall building, near the edge of the city, looking into the sky above the interstate highway.  He’s dead. She blinked away the tears that blurred her vision.  The sparse clouds were […]


Finding Destiny

It is so easy to feel lost, even bewildered when trying to figure out what to do in life…at least it certainly feels that way to me.  I have been struggling lately, especially in the areas of work/vocation and ministry.  But I know that God wants us to turn to Him for guidance and direction.  […]