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The Coder & The Fixer

Azalea Sterling squinted her brown eyes in concentration and wiped her forehead on her sleeve. Her movements were limited by the cramped space and further hampered by the fact that there was almost no gravity this close to the center of the ship. It was hot too. But someone has to keep this ship going. […]


Christian Speculative Fiction

When I first heard the term Christian speculative fiction, I had no idea what that was. Maybe that’s where you are right now. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, on my blog, I’m going to be explaining the term Christian speculative fiction. Personally, I think Christians started using the phrase Christian speculative fiction […]


My Writing Process Blog Hop

First I wanted to say thanks to Travis Perry for inviting me to participate in this blog hop. Travis writes speculative fiction from a Christian perspective and always has a lot of interesting ideas. So…my writing process…I write. I write a lot. In the last five and a half years I’ve produced twenty books – five […]