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Colonize Mars for Real? Dumb Idea.


Most of us like a good Sci Fi yarn, I know I do anyway. Stories of people living on other planets – that’s fantastic! Pressing forward with enthusiasm, fighting to survive against the odds with unbreakable wills and hearts full of love. That’s great. We all like that.

But the idea that we will really need to colonize Mars one day because the pollution’s so bad here on Earth or it’s too over-crowded…That’s just silly. This planet is perfectly suited to our form of life. We can breath the air here. The temperature doesn’t kill us instantly. If you stood on the surface of Mars you would be dead within minutes.

But some would protest – this world is too polluted. Really? Go outside and look around. Do you see things growing? And more importantly, are you still alive? Clearly, Earth’s not too polluted to support life.

Some say but soon the Earth will be too over-populated. Ok, seriously? Maybe where you live but here in Canada (the second largest country in the world) 89% of the land is owned by the Canadian government and is largely uninhabited. Almost no one lives there. That’s right. The second largest country in the world is mostly vacant. And Canada isn’t the only area of land that is sparsely populated. Over-population is a concern for some regions but the Earth, as a whole, isn’t over-populated.

Even if, in the future, the Earth does become so over-populated that there’s no land to live on, this does not mean that we should start to colonize Mars. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean. Certainly there would be challenges with colonizing the oceans but it would be much less difficult than colonizing Mars. Colonizing the oceans would make much more sense than trying to move to Mars for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a lot closer. (Thus reducing transportation costs/dilemmas and risks to human health/life during transport.)
  2. There’s lots of water there. (Yeah, it’s salt water but it’s much easier distilling salt water than cleaning whatever contaminants that would be found in whatever ‘water’ is available on Mars!)
  3. There are things in the ocean we can eat.
  4. The temperature is suitable for sustaining life.
  5. If we live on the surface of the oceans, we can breath the air!

So next time you hear or read that we need to colonize Mars, remember, that’s just silly! It might be an interesting place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.


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    Agreed. I just did a google search – typed ‘colonize’ and google finished it with ‘ mars’ as the second suggestion. The 2nd search result was titled ‘5 hurdles to conquer before colonizing Mars’ – are these people for real? (Didn’t someone tell them about the fiction part of ‘science fiction’?).

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