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So You Want Happily Ever After?

Many people want romance, marriage and happily ever after.  Few get there.  The biggest reasons why romances and marriages fail are because of false expectations and miscommunications.  Love is not really like it is portrayed in the movies.

A common wrong belief held by many is that, “all you need is love”.  Romantic love is not enough as it will not fix issues or problems in your personal life.  People looking for love also need to be aware from the outset that a love relationship takes a great deal of effort/work to maintain.

Deal With Personal Problems Now!

Some people look to love as a solution to all problems.  It’s not.  Falling in love and getting married will do nothing to fix your personal issues or those of your partner.  In fact, when you come into a marriage damaged and sinful the relationship will suffer.  Bitterness and addictions poison the union. Time does not, as they say, heal all things.  In fact, over time, the wounds and sins fester causing more and more division and hurt in the marriage.  It is wise to address these problems as early on as possible.  The ideal would be to have tackled most of the issues, before getting married.

This process of inner healing is not easy.  What saved me was God and prayer, that’s the only thing that could help me change.  I couldn’t fix myself.

How to Deal With Personal Problems:

  1. Confess sin! Once sin is repented of and renounced it loses some of its power.  I have also found it helpful to confess to a trusted friend or mentor and to have an accountability partner for certain issues.
  2. Forgive! Forgive those who hurt you.  Forgiving is releasing the right to revenge and no longer holding it against them.  Pray to God for help if this does not come easily.  I have found it hard to forgive at times.  But God helped me to let go of that and now the pain and anger are gone.  Praying for the person who hurt you can also be freeing.
  3. Pray! Ask God to show you His Truth.  Because the Truth of God sets us free!  Praying with someone when seeking God is very helpful.

Persist and don’t give up.  The issues in your life won’t go away by themselves.  But nothing is impossible with God.  With God all things are possible!  We need His help!

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  1. LeoT says:

    Wow, good writing! For point 2 above, “Praying for the person who hurt you”, I also have found trying to pray blessings on the person really begins to reveal my heart (to myself) – whether or not I’ve truly begun to forgive (if I find my heart isn’t in it, well… Sometimes it just takes some persistence, but sometimes it may mean I didn’t really give up my ‘right’ to hold this one against them!). Good article!

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