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Sex Is Good!

Sex has been idolized and twisted by media. Our culture is in in bondage to wrong ideas about sexuality.

Since God invented sex, designed us for it and gave instructions about it in the Bible, as Christians, we should be getting it right. But there is a problem with sexuality even amongst Christians. Christians tend to view sex as shameful, dirty and base – not something to be celebrated. I’ve struggled with this kind of thinking in the past. Many Christians do. It’s sad when Christians are in bondage to wrong thinking. Especially when Jesus offers us the truth that sets free.

God designed sex to be enjoyed within the context of a marriage between one man and one woman, just like it was in the beginning. That’s why the human body works the way it does – God designed us so sex would be fun and feel good! God created sex. Sex is good!

I believe wrong thinking about sex comes from the enemy whose goal is to destroy us. I think there are some situations/conditions that make people more vulnerable to believing the devil’s lies about sex.

Many Christians don’t talk with their children about sex. Some parents NEVER talk with their children about sex at all. Personally, I think this is appalling. In some homes, sex is a forbidden topic. So children and adolescents have nowhere to go when they have questions or they’re struggling with something. No one to help them. If they try to talk to their parents about it, their parents shut the conversation down. What are children and youths supposed to think about sex when their parents won’t talk with them about it? They will probably think that sex is bad. But that won’t stop them from having sexual feelings as they enter puberty. So, most likely, they will be left feeling ashamed. That’s why it’s so important to talk to your children about sex. Currently, I’m developing a set of free Christian sex ed booklets for Christian parents to use to begin talking about sex in their home.

Satan goes after people through their sexuality. The devil is real. He’s out to get us and many Christians aren’t taking that seriously. First, he whispers an extremely sexual thought. Then he whispers, “I’m a horrible person to think such things. I’ll never be able to stop lusting. I might as well give up.” Sound familiar? The devil’s goal with this ploy is to link sex and shame in the Christian’s mind and then to get the Christian to engage in sexual sin in order to further connect shame with sex and to brand the person and sex as ‘bad’ and eventually to destroy the person and those around them, if possible.

The first time I realized that not all the thoughts in my head are actually from me, it was such a relief! We can reject those thoughts and turn our mind in a different direction instead of dwelling on them. When Jesus told us not to look lustfully at someone, he wasn’t talking about a passing feeling or thought. He was talking about leering, undressing someone with your eyes and sexual fantasizing. God offers us unlimited forgiveness and also power to overcome as we keep our eyes on Jesus throughout all our spiritual battles.

Getting Free

Jesus offers us the truth that sets free. If you’ve been struggling in this area:

  1. Repent of all sin.
  2. Confess to a trusted Christian friend. (This step is especially important if you struggle with ongoing sexual sin.)
  3. Ask Jesus to show you what lies you have been believing.
  4. Ask Jesus to speak his truth to you, to set you free from that lie. (Ask, “What is the truth in this situation?”)

Sex Is Good!

I’m so thankful for the work that God has done, bringing healing and oneness to my relationship with my husband. We were held captive by many lies but praise God – he has set us free!

God designed sex to be enjoyed between one man and one woman within the context of a marriage, as it was in the beginning. Let us throw off the lies of the enemy and receive forgiveness and healing from Jesus!

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