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How to Fall Back In Love


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I LOVE this photo taken this past Valentine’s Day! Leo said initially that he wasn’t sure that he did because he thought that he looks predatory and I look scared or something. LOL! But I just adore the look on his face! He looks happy and interested and yeah, a little like, ‘I’ve got you!’ but I LOVE that! LOL! I could just look at this photo all day. I can see in his expression that he values me and wants me.

And I don’t look scared! I look a little shy and hesitant, maybe. He told me, with a laugh, “it’s a little too late to feel unsure since we’ve been married for 18 years.” LOL! But I’m totally sure about him. I LOVE this guy. To put the picture into perspective, we were at a restaurant and he was taking a selfie of us and he did look a little like he was going to kiss me or something. A host of butterflies were tickling me inside and I was trying not to laugh!

This is how it feels to be in love. I feel so happy with him that I feel a little giddy sometimes! Pretty awesome after 18 years, right?

I want to share our secret with you. It isn’t because we got lucky or because I picked the right guy. It isn’t even just the determination to be obedient to God by not getting a divorce and by trying to be respectful and kind to each other.

For the first seven years of our marriage things were bad. We always had in our heads that we would try to be respectful and kind to each other and we would never divorce. But we were miserable and things seemed to be just getting worse. For some of that time we didn’t feel any love for each other. We didn’t know how to fall back in love. Being respectful and kind always seemed an almost impossible feat. We went to a marriage counselor to try to find out how to fall back in love. The marriage counselor actually told us to stop coming because he couldn’t help us. He couldn’t tell us how to fall back in love. We were broken on the inside. Pain from past hurts kept us from being able to give or receive love properly.

The solution to our marriage problems came in a most unexpected way. We learned to really listen to Jesus. As we spoke to God about our pain, he spoke into the areas of brokenness in our lives. We found out that he could actually fix us inside and, over time, restore us to the people he made us to be. Leo and I are so thankful that God healed us, continues to renew us, and fixed our marriage!

If you want to read about our story and especially if you need God to fix your marriage, show you how to fall back in love and heal you on the inside, you can find my book, Please Fix My Marriage, on Amazon. As well as at the other major eBookstores: Kobo, iTunes and for the Nook.

Thank you Jesus for giving me Leo. Thank you for fixing us on the inside and showing us how to fall back in love!

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  1. Celesta, this is beautiful — the picture, the path back to love, and the way Jesus heals. All of it.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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