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How God Fixed My Marriage

My husband Leo and I were married in 1996, a little over seventeen years ago.  We went into the marriage ready to do whatever it would take to make a good union.  True love wasn’t enough, we knew, loyalty and hard work would also be required.  I felt adequately prepared for marriage.

Sadly, the first seven years of our marriage ranged from not-that-great to horrible.  We didn’t even know why, really.  Everything was messed up.  We just couldn’t get along or treat each other kindly, even though we wanted to.

Then we found out what was wrong.  We were broken inside, as individuals.  When we learned how to really listen to God, He started fixing us inside.  Once our hearts were whole, then we could work on fixing the marriage.  Now we have a fantastic marriage!  We are one in heart and in purpose – a true unity.  Now we’re falling more and more in love all the time!  I have never loved Leo more than I do now.

In this short book, Please Fix My Marriage, I explain how hearing God fixed my marriage.

Read the first chapter of Please Fix My Marriage here.


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