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A Suitable Helper

“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18


One evening my husband, Leo, and I were relaxing together in the living room after the children had gone to bed. We had been praying over some things that were causing me stress.

“It worries me sometimes,” Leo confessed.

“What does?”

“Well now I feel like I wouldn’t want to put Christian content into our apps because… you know…that could affect sales.”

I looked at Leo as I tried to process what seemed to me to be utter nonsense. My husband is one of the most risk-taking people I know combined with being extremely generous towards God plus the fact that he’s intensely spiritual to the point of being radical. I mean, he hasn’t watched any TV or movies for over two years!

The old me would have been dismissive of the whole conversation. It would have been written off with a comment like, “That doesn’t make sense.” Or even “That’s dumb.” But the new me, now that I’m intentional about following closely after Jesus and listening to him, responded differently.

Instantly I was focused, paying attention, trying to listen to God as I listened to Leo. My number one job in life is to help Leo. Something had unsettled him and I had to try to understand.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean that I wouldn’t want to put Christian content into our apps because it might affect sales.”

“That doesn’t sound like you…You’re saying if God told you to put Christian content in our apps you wouldn’t do it?”


“Of course you would! I know you…You wouldn’t even hesitate!”

“I guess you’re right. If we heard from God and we knew he wanted us to add Christian content we would. Like…if he wanted us to add a tract or something on to our best-selling app we would.”

“Right.” I felt a tug in my spirit. “Where is all this coming from?”

“I think it must be lies planted by the enemy. But I never realized that it totally wasn’t true until now.”

Later Leo told me that he had struggled with those thoughts repeatedly over the past few weeks and it always left him with a guilty, dirty feeling. But now that was gone because he realized it totally wasn’t true.

Bottom line: We need to be a helper to our husbands. Help will look different in different situations but we always need Jesus. If we listen to Jesus, our husbands can receive God’s help, though us.

Things weren’t always this way in our marriage. I used to think that I’d always feel alone and unloved and that I would never taste happiness in this lifetime. My marriage felt like a burden. I saw no hope. Then Leo and I learned to listen to Jesus. We discovered that we don’t have to keep carrying hurts from the past as baggage, weighing us down in the present. God has healed us and we are walking into the freedom Jesus promised.

Maybe you feel like I used to. You can get freedom in Christ too and new hope for your marriage. In this short book, Please Fix My Marriage, I explain how hearing God fixed my marriage.

Please Fix My Marriage Book

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