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Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Goals are very important. If you have no goals you probably won’t get very far with anything because you don’t have in mind what you want to accomplish.

But goals must be achievable! This has been a huge problem for me in the past. Typically I want to do more than is actually possible. It’s still somewhat of a struggle but slowly I’m becoming more realistic in my goal-setting. It’s important that you don’t set goals that you cannot achieve – that are impossible or highly improbable (or would take a miracle). Unachievable goals will soon have you feeling discouraged and defeated.

You need to logically assess the time you have available for the task and also consider your personality type and how you work best as well as how much time will be needed for what you want to do. Some people work best at a steady pace, little-by-little over time. Some people work best by dedicating a larger chunk of time like an entire day, a weekend or even a month. Some people need breaks between projects.

I used to be under the delusion that I should be able to work at my peak performance level at all times. This left me feeling frustrated as most of the time I didn’t get as much done as I thought I could have. Now I am coming to understand that I need rest, too. At certain times during the day my brain and body are more tired, so I’m just not going to be able to work as well. This month I’m working at trying to understand myself and my energy levels better so that I can maximize efficiently. I should work hard during the periods when I have energy and rest or do quiet family activities when I have less energy. You’ll need to find out what works for you so that you can make achievable goals and reach them.

When you make goals, talk about them with a close friend or a family member and get feedback. If you’re married, it’s not really fair to make big goals that will effect your spouse without talking it over with them first. And remember, only make goals you can reach. As you reach your goals you will grow in confidence!

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