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Realm Makers 2016

I learned SO much this year at Realm Makers 2016. It was the best Realm Makers yet! I’m going to start off by listing, in point form, some of the things I’ve learned from the different speakers at Realm Makers 2016. Then I’ll end by sharing what I’m going to intentionally hold on to and apply […]


Cara at 14

Cara, The Dreamer Cara rounded the corner to the kitchen, open book in hand. Her mother was at the table peeling an orange. “You’re such a dreamer, Cara,” her mother chided for the third time that lazy, summer afternoon. Fourteen-year-old Cara stopped walking and considered her options for a moment. Ignore the comment as she […]


Books by Celesta Thiessen

Available in all of These Formats Paperback Books Kindle eBooks Nook eBooks Kobo eBooks Sony eBooks Smashword eBooks FREE App for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)   ______________________________________________________ The Super Seven Series