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Colonize Mars for Real? Dumb Idea.

  Most of us like a good Sci Fi yarn, I know I do anyway. Stories of people living on other planets – that’s fantastic! Pressing forward with enthusiasm, fighting to survive against the odds with unbreakable wills and hearts full of love. That’s great. We all like that. But the idea that we will […]


Iron Rich Foods

Why Consume Iron Rich Foods? It is important to eat iron rich foods to maintain a healthy body.  Iron, in the form of iron rich foods, is needed by the body to create and maintain red blood cells.  Red blood cells carry oxygen in your body.  If you do not eat enough iron rich foods, […]


Ethanol: The Gasoline of the Future?

The price of gasoline continues to rise as political unrest and natural disasters affect the extraction, refinement, and transportation of crude oil.  Scientists tell us the world’s supply of fossil fuels may be burned up in a matter of forty years.  So the question becomes, “What else can we use?”