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The Word Grace in the Bible

The word grace in the Bible.


We need the grace of Christ – like we read about in the Bible. Do you know what the word grace in the Bible actually means? Do you know what Grace is? I sure didn’t. The study on grace that I’ve been doing has really been an eye-opener!

The only definition I had ever heard for grace was, “unmerited favor”. But, by looking at the Bible, and at the Greek word used, there is absolutely no reason to believe that grace would mean, “unmerited favor”. Sure, God give us his grace BY his unmerited favor. It’s a result of his unmerited favor that God gives us grace. But grace is not unmerited favor.

When you read the Bible, it is clear that grace is a power – the power of Christ. It’s the power of salvation, it’s the power to carry on through struggles, and the power to overcome sin. If you’re not sure, do a search on on grace. You’ll see that surely grace is a power.

So I googled the word grace in the Bible. The word grace in the new testament has been translated from the Greek word charis(χαρις). The word charis, in ancient Greek, carried the meaning of charm(charming/charmed), which included connotations of supernatural power. Charis is the word from which we get the English word, charisma and charismatic. So, grace is actually charm or charisma. So the power that saves us and enables us to overcome is the charm/charisma of Christ! Wow!!!

This seems like one of Satan’s biggest deceptions of our time! This is huge!! I’m going to re-read through the New Testament with this in mind.  I need to understand and tap into this charm/charisma of Christ which we call grace!


I listened to two sermons on Faith and Great Works that set me on this quest to understand grace.

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