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The Dreamers

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Cara needs an operation to live but the anesthesiologist has an evil secret hidden deep beneath his castle.

In THE DREAMERS, Book Two of the Dreamshare series, when Cara and Blaze need help they have no one to turn to. Literally. Because of tech gone wrong, they move through the physical world like specters, unable to interact with any other living beings.

That’s all about to change. Other dreamers are crossing over. But one of them is a very dangerous man. To stop him, the High King conscripts Cara for the mission. She will have to face dinosaurs, a sea serpent, a witch, an evil king, a dragon and Santa.

Cara is determined to complete the mission and rescue those bound in darkness, even if it means she will need to follow the High King’s example of self-sacrifice.

Chapter 1

We are the dreamers and this is our story.

Blaze stood on the beach in the fading light. There was an angry expression on his face and in his dark brown eyes.

“Cara, you think you’re perfect but you’re the selfish and demanding one! Nothing is ever good enough for you!” He turned and stormed away, the wind blowing his too-long, dark hair.

I didn’t shout back. But, inside, I was angry. How can he say that to me? He’s the one who ruined everything.

I turned away from his receding form and looked out over the water, longing for peace and the happily-ever-after I thought we would have together. Bitter tears fell from my blue eyes as a swell of hopelessness engulfed me. It was like the High King hadn’t come through for us.

Great waves crashed on the shore as a cold wind blew through my long, red hair. After our honeymoon in Hawaii, Blaze and I had moved to Corpus Christi, a city on the Texas coast. Our home was right on the beach. The High King had guided us here. Corpus Christi means “the body of Christ”. At first, we thought we would be happy here, doing missions for the High King. We felt like we were his hands and feet, carrying out all the work he told us to do. But it wasn’t long before things started to fall apart.

Out of habit, I put my hand on my belly. Six and a half months pregnant. I couldn’t believe that I would be bringing a child into this kind of messed-up situation. More tears spilled out onto my cheeks. The wind blowing in off the ocean was cool, this November evening, and getting colder. A storm was coming.

Soon after Blaze and I were wed, I found out about the numerous lovers he’d had – 27, to be exact. He should have told me about everything before we married. But he’d brushed it off, reminding me that he’d been a movie star. But I wasn’t okay with it. And that was only just the start of his character flaws. He drank too much alcohol, getting drunk regularly. I regretted marrying him and told him so.

After that, he’d been pretty mean to me. He’d gotten physical with me six times in the first year of our marriage, when he’d been drinking. Since I’d been pregnant, he’d kept his distance though. It wasn’t just that he hadn’t hurt me; he’d completely kept his distance, like he didn’t even want to touch me anymore. And it didn’t help that I was so terribly swollen all over – like a bloated whale.

We still saw the High King sometimes, when he gave us new missions. But even those had become less and less frequent lately. He looked sad but never said anything about what was happening between Blaze and me. Surely he knew what was going on. Why didn’t he help us? Why didn’t he help me?

And I was all alone. If I left Blaze, I’d have no one. The Kingcade Worldcorp had designed the Eclipsesys Entertainment System. The idea was that certain people would sleep and others would dream along with the dreamers. Only a select few people qualified to be dreamers, people who were highly sensitive to Focused Unifarious Neurostimulator waves – FUN waves as the Kingcade Worldcorp called them.

The Kingcade Worldcorp technology had an unforeseen consequence, however. Anyone exposed to the FUN radiation, anyone who was highly susceptible to it, was affected neurologically, physically and, also, to a certain extent, spiritually. As a result, Blaze and I had been pushed onto a different plane of existence. Though the physical world is just as solid to us as ever, we can no longer interact with any other living beings; we just pass right through them, like ghosts. So, despite the fact that, in some ways, I hated him, Blaze was all I had.

Looking out at the water, I suddenly felt weird, like I was going to pass out. I sometimes felt that way when I got up too fast but this was different somehow. I wavered, looking around for somewhere to sit down.

The next thing I knew I was waking up to the sound of a strange moaning. As I came to, I realized the sound was coming from me. I was lying on the wet sand. Rolling onto my back, I opened my eyes. Blaze was standing over me, looking angry.

“What are you doing, Cara?”

“I don’t know.” A shudder ran through me and then it became uncontrollable shivering. I felt weird and afraid.

“You were moving on the ground, partly on your stomach.”

“I must have passed out…” My mind was reeling. What had happened? I was moving on the ground… “Was I having a seizure?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Let me help you up.” The anger was gone from his face, replaced by a look of concern.

I reached my hand up to him and let him pull me to my feet.

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In the DREAMSHARE series Cara and Blaze’s dream adventures help them to understand themselves and each other better, move forward in life, and ultimately save the world. How important are dreams to you?

7 Responses to “The Dreamers”

  1. Dina S says:

    Dreams are very important I think, some seem to matter more to people.

  2. Brie Donning says:

    I don’t put a lot of stock in dreams. Night dreams that is. They are always jumbled up. The most I get out of them is a reminder that some person was on my mind a lot.

  3. sheila ressel says:

    Depends on the dream. If it’s about loved ones who have passed I consider it important. Otherwise they are not.

  4. Alicia A Wilson says:

    To me Dreams are very important because I get to visit with family that have past away at times.

  5. Renee Rousseau says:

    Dreams are important because they are conversations with your soul.

  6. Celesta says:

    Hmm… yes. Very true. A conversation with your soul. Writing books seems to do that for me too.

  7. Casia S says:

    I wish dreams were less important sometimes. I dream things that reinforce my anxiety when I wake up sometimes. I don’t know why dreams hold so much power over us, but they do.

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