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Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach MB

Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach, MB is a coming of age novel set in the small Manitoba town of Steinbach. June, the main character, wants to graduate high school, marry her boyfriend Caleb and become a successful author. She’s from Winnipeg, originally, but has come to enjoy life in Steinbach. Steinbach seems safe – a nice place to make a life with Caleb. When the unthinkable happens, and chaos spreads across North America, June wants to cling to the safety she has found in Steinbach, MB. But will June feel content staying safe in Steinbach when she knows what’s happening beyond her small city’s boarder?


June’s Journal

I just don’t understand what has happened. This is crazy! And my mom seems to think things will go on as if nothing has happened. I’m glad I’m living in Steinbach. Those thing’s Caleb and I saw in the news…that’s just too much. I wish my dad was still with us in Steinbach. He’s probably…well I don’t want to write it. Just wish he was in Steinbach. Wish he had never left.

And what about Caleb? He used to be so affectionate. Before this all happened I told him I never wanted to move and he said we’d have our happily-ever-after here in Steinbach. But now, he seems more controlling and kinda emotionally withdrawn. He’s from the country but he’s living right in Steinbach, now. So we’re closer geographically but in some ways it seems like we might be drifting apart. I’m scared. I was never scared in Steinbach before.

When I was a little kid, I lived in Winnipeg. I went to a kinda bad school there, I guess. I got bullied a lot. But since I’ve moved to Steinbach, I’ve felt safe. Steinbach schools are a lot nicer. Well, I used to feel safe here in Steinbach. I wonder if there’s anywhere safe now? If I got to choose anywhere in North America that I wanted to live I’d still choose Steinbach. I hope we’ll be safe. And I hope I can still have my happily-ever-after here in Steinbach with Caleb.


June’s Photo Gallery

Places in Steinbach, MB


Things have really changed in Steinbach since the bombs dropped on all the major cities. Winnipeg’s gone. But Steinbach still here. People stay home more. Steinbach’s scared. I’m scared. But the government of Steinbach has erected a barricade all the way around our little city of Steinbach. So we’re safe. For now.

Yesterday I wandered around Steinbach and took some photos. I only saw one other person but they didn’t smile or say hello. Steinbach’s sure changed, all right. But I know under the fear, the population of Steinbach, they’re still good people. Somehow, Steinbach’s gotta shake this fear, no matter what’s going on out there.

Steinbach barbed wire fence

Fence around Steinbach.

Steinbach Arena

Steinbach Arena

Steinbach Clock Tower

Steinbach Clock Tower

Steinbach City Hall

Steinbach City Hall


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