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Online Research

Don’t believe everything you read.

Just a reminder for everyone when you ‘research’ online. Most ‘articles’ online are made-up.

Yes, I know because I used to write online articles. I made $6/article and I know other writers who made only $1/article.

Content is the most valuable thing online and the more content(articles) you have the more people might come to your site. Webmasters pay writers to generate ‘web content’. You don’t need any qualifications to writer online articles except a good command of the English language. So most of the online articles you read are written by someone who read what someone else wrote and paraphrased that or else they simply made it up.

If you want get accurate information online here are three things you need to know:

1. If there is any advertizing on the site, DO NOT use for ‘research’. This website is for the purpose of making money, not providing credible info.

2. Original research/Scientific studies is the best kind of information. Some universities or other organizations may have original papers/reports online detailing research and findings on a particular topic.

3. Other credible sources of information are medical organizations, governments and mainstream news organizations.

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