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My Writing Process Blog Hop

First I wanted to say thanks to Travis Perry for inviting me to participate in this blog hop. Travis writes speculative fiction from a Christian perspective and always has a lot of interesting ideas.

So…my writing process…I write. I write a lot. In the last five and a half years I’ve produced twenty books – five novels, five short story collections, books for kids and one non-fiction title. People sometimes ask, “How do you do it?”

That’s a hard question. I think the difficult part for me is getting myself from blank page to actually writing. Once I get going, what I write almost always has potential. So I use external pressure to help myself get writing. I participate in things like local writing challenges/contests, NaNoWriMo and the 3 Day Novel contest. As for a writing process, I’m not sure that I really have one. I write first drafts quickly and then work at fixing them.

Lately I’ve been working on a novel called, The Way to Paradise. I’m in the editing stages now. It’s almost finished! This is the most emotionally intense story I’ve ever written. It is certainly one of my best works so far. I’m very excited that this novel will be coming out this spring!

I write science fiction and fantasy from a Christian perspective, which is a pretty niche and odd genre. But even within that genre, my stories are kinda odd. I think it’s because I get bored easily. I tend to have plot-driven stories, high on action and low on description. That’s what I like to read, so I guess it makes sense for me to write that way. My stories are also odd in other ways but you’d have to read them to get what I mean. LOL! As for my current work, it’s different because I use an omniscient narrator. Part of the fun of being an indie author is that I get to write whatever I want and write it however I want to. Here’s the blurb if you’re interested:

And now for something totally different…

At the summons of an unknown alien race, Captain Calista Zaragoza and Engineer James Beckett, along with two other crewmembers, travel to a planet 1200 light years away on a ship designed for a trip to Mars. Beckett is drawn to the fiery Zara immediately but she has steeled herself against friendship, never mind anything more. Each of the four-person crew struggles with burdens from their pasts. But only Captain Zara bears the responsibility of carrying out the mission’s secret orders. She knows they will probably never see Earth again.

The Way to Paradise is an omniscient narrated, Christian science fiction, space opera adventure that portrays the consequences of choosing darkness and it shows how hearing God can save you and fix you on the inside.


I write because I feel called by God to write. On Facebook the other day someone explained that they had a representation of Jesus in one of their stories but that the representation of Jesus in a fictional story shouldn’t be afforded the same honor as the real Jesus in real life. That caused me pause.

I put the real Jesus into my fictional stories. Just like when I read Narnia – Aslan is the real Jesus, if you get what I’m meaning. I write what I do because I want to please God and I want to show people the real Jesus.

Last week I was watching For King and Country. I just loved what Joel said. “Music has power. But when you merge the power of music with the ultimate power of the gospel, it not only has the ability to impact people’s day but it can transform their lives for eternity!” So true! And that’s how I feel about stories.

A story has power. But when you merge the power of story with the ultimate power of the gospel, it not only has the ability to impact people’s day but it can transform their lives for eternity!

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