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Marketing Part 3 – Unsuccessful Book Marketing Activities



Today I’m sharing everything that hasn’t worked for me.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has many different advertising options. I’ve spent over $100 dollars on it, over time. I’ve gotten post and page likes but never any book sales from Facebook advertising.

Facebook Like Exchanges

Sometimes authors or bloggers or other business owners will make a post, list their Facebook pages and everyone likes everyone’s pages. This is easy and increases page likes on Facebook. However, Facebook page likes haven’t translated into book sales for me.

Spamming Facebook Groups with “Buy my book!”

Posting about your book in different groups is advocated by many authors. There are some groups specifically set up for this activity – where it’s not considered in poor taste. It is possible to get some free downloads of a book by posting in these groups but I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a sale from one of these groups. And, for me, the few free downloads that I get on my books aren’t worth the amount of time it takes to post to all these groups.

Facebook Parties

A Facebook party is an online party on Facebook. It’s like a group chat. You invite people to the event and then chat with them about your book at the designated time on the event page. Many authors do little games and give away copies of their book and sometimes give away an Amazon gift card. Facebook parties can be done by one author or a group of authors who take turns running the party by having timeslots of half an hour each.

I’ve participated in a number of group Facebook parties. They were relatively easy because someone else arranged everything. I have gotten Facebook likes and Twitter followers and I was able to give away a few copies of books during Facebook parties. However, Facebook parities have never translated into book sales for me. Additionally, it seems most of the attendees at Facebook parties are other authors. I want to reach normal people with my books, not just fellow authors.

Tweeting & Tweet Exchanges

Twitter is a popular social media. When you post on Twitter, it is called tweeting. I think I’ve sold one book from tweeting, in total. The sale was to a fellow author who, I’m pretty sure, just wanted to connect with me so that he could introduce me to his books.

Tweet exchanges are when a group of people all re-tweet each other. Re-tweeting is like sharing a post on Facebook. I don’t think I’ve gained any sales from this activity.

Gaining Followers on Twitter

Currently I have 2800 followers on Twitter and that number is going up every day. However, these numbers have not translated into book sales for me.

Trying to Interact with People on Twitter

Some authors advocate interacting with people on Twitter. I think the idea is that you make friends with them and then they want to buy your books. This approach has not worked for me.

Regular Blogging

I have not found any link between my blogging and my book sales.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is where you write a blog post and it is put up on someone else’s blog. I’ve done this a few times but it has never translated into book sales for me.

Regular Emailing

Emailing the people on my email list has been good for getting free downloads of my books and for getting reviews. I have noticed that, when I email more often, more people unsubscribe. So I limit emails to new releases or special offers such as free books.

What I’ve learned:
Facebook, Twitter, regular blogging and regular emailing aren’t very benifitial for selling books.

Questions and comments are welcome. I’d love to hear about your experience with these marketing activities.

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