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Light Therapy For Depression

It’s that time of year again. I feel the days getting shorter. Now it’s dark outside when I wake up. As the days get darker, typically, I get more depressed. I’ve struggled with depression since I was a teen and in the winter it is always much worse. Last October I got a light therapy lamp and used it for about 45 minutes a day each morning when I first woke up.

It really worked! I wasn’t as depressed as other years. Some years in the winter I get so down that I spend a lot of time in bed or just sitting on my couch staring at nothing. Last winter that didn’t happen.

Then in the summer I found I didn’t need the light therapy lamp as much so I went down to 30 minutes a day. I didn’t want to stop using it entirely because I need habits and routine to keep me on track or else my life feels much harder and I stop doing things all together. Plus, I do my Bible memorization while using my lamp so I didn’t want to give that up.

Now that it is fall again I’m feeling it, but not as badly as I have other years. So I’m starting to use my lamp for 45 minutes each day again.

I’m certain the lamp is helping. As I sit under it’s light I feel myself filling with energy. Not only am I not as sad as I used to be I’m also less tired.

When I feel depressed I tend to feel that things are hopeless and can never change. But in reality things change all the time and there’s no reason why things can’t get better. I’m so glad that I took the step last year and bought this lamp.

If you feel more tired and more sad as the days get shorter I encourage you to look into the light therapy option.

I bought one with lots of good reviews from Amazon. The link is below if you’re interested.


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Do you struggle with depression? I’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses to “Light Therapy For Depression”

  1. Andrea says:

    My husband and I recently moved from sunny Southern California to Wyoming. Neither of us were native to California, so I made sure to prepare for the shorter day. Several years ago we had acquired an infrared sauna, with light therapy, and I made sure, over my husbands objections, that the sauna came with us.
    I remember the first time I realized I had just been depressed, and I felt like I had just come through a long, dark tunnel. I was in high school, but realized this darkness had always been there.
    Hang in there, and keep up with the positive self care.

  2. Celesta says:

    Thank you.

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