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For King & Country

Josh, For King & Country with Celesta Thiessen


So this past weekend, my husband and I drove seven hours to attend a For King & Country concert. In preparation, I bought a new purse, one large enough to fit books in it. Then I though of an interesting phrase that summed up the theme of my book, Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach, MB. I wrote the phrase in two of the books and signed them. With my mission firm in my mind and clutching my resolve in both fists, I went to the concert. My plan? To give Joel and Luke a copy of my book.

I’ve been accused of not liking music. Which is totally not true. I just don’t like most music. Some music, I love. It’s not really the sounds, though. The notes themselves don’t mean much to me except to cast the mood. To me, music is emotion and words – mostly words. Music without words or where you can’t understand the words because of whatever’s going on with the music, isn’t music at all.

I love the songs of For King & Country. The first time I noticed their songs I was driving, listening to a local Christian radio station. I was filled with sorrow, which isn’t unusual for me, I have a tendency that way. But the darkness during that time was very thick. A friend of mine had recently passed away. My heart was so heavy I felt I could hardly drag it around with me. Then the For King & Country song, Busted Heart came on the radio. I just cried and cried because it resonated with me so deeply. The singer cried out, Hold onto me! Hold onto me! That’s what I needed from God too. And then he sang the last verse.

Winter will come to an end.
Soon the season will end.
I surrender tonight.
You meet me right where I am.

And I knew it was for me. I gave myself to God completely, pain and all, and he met me right there in the car.

When I got home I looked up the song on YouTube. Whoa. The first time I watched it in stunned silence. These guys were…unusual. I wasn’t even sure of what I thought of their performance. So I watched it again. And again. And again. Finally I decided that it was real. These guys loved God and they needed what I needed.

Time passed. I listened to more of For King & Country’s music and watched the videos on YouTube. Then one day I saw the video, The Proof of Your Love. Wow!!! It’s an amazing video. I watched it literally, hundreds of times. The seed of a story sprang into existence in my mind. From that seed came my book, Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach, MB.

Then I started thinking, Wouldn’t it be cool if I could give them a copy, to give them a small glimpse of what their music had done? After a while, I mentioned the idea to my husband, Leo. Being the risk-taking adventurer and loyal supporter that he is, he  was very enthusiastic about the idea. So I packed the books up in my new purse and we were off!

When we were at the concert, standing in line to see them, I was SO nervous. Being an introvert by nature, this did not come easily for me.

Watch to see how it went :D

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2 Responses to “For King & Country”

  1. You did it! Way to go!
    I must disagree though – music without words is absolutely music :D Jazz, classical – bring it on baby – especially for working.
    But when I do want to sing along, meaningful lyrics are important :)

  2. Oh. I guess for the contest I was also supposed to mention a favorite sci-fi show or book. I enjoyed watching Vanilla Sky…? Does that count? I watch X-files sometimes… :)

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