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This week I read the story of Joseph. His brothers sold him into slavery when he was seventeen. At first he got a pretty easy job with some rich guy. Joseph was very hardworking and had a good attitude so the guy put him in charge over everything in his home and fields.

They guy’s wife thought Joseph was hot so she wanted to sleep with him. But Joseph told her, “How could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?” And he wouldn’t do it. Joseph tried to avoid her whenever possible because she just wouldn’t stop pressuring him for sex.

One day she grabbed him by the cloak and wouldn’t let go. Joseph ran out of the house leaving the cloak behind. She was really mad at him for not giving her what she wanted so she took revenge by calling out to the servants. She claimed that he had tried to rape her. When her husband got home that evening she told him the same story. Joseph was sent to the palace dungeon.

Things were going from bad to worse for this young man who hadn’t done anything to deserve this. But when he was sent to the dungeon he didn’t give up or get angry or bitter. He just kept working hard with a good attitude.

After a while the jailer saw that Joseph had a good attitude and was hardworking and reliable so he put him in charge of everything in the prison. But don’t think that Joseph had it easy. He was still a slave in the dungeon even though he was in charge of the day-to-day operation down there. It was a horrible place where you never saw the light of day, likely filled with the sounds of torture and the smells of feces, urine and unwashed bodies.

When Pharaoh’s baker and cupbearer were sent to the dungeon they both had dreams that they told to Joseph. God gave him the interpretation of the dreams, which he told the men. He asked the cupbearer to remember him and speak a good word about him to Pharaoh when the cupbearer was restored to his position. But when he was restored to his position, just like Joseph had predicted, he forgot all about Joseph.

Joseph spent two more years in the dungeon. When Joseph was 30 years old Pharaoh had a very strange dream. He asked all his wise men and magicians to interpret it for him but they could not. Then the cupbearer remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh about him.

Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once. When he was cleaned up, shaved and had a change of clothing he went before Pharaoh who asked him the meaning of the dream. Joseph told him that God would interpret the dream. God gave the meaning to Joseph, which he told Pharaoh. In a shocking turn of events, that very day Pharaoh made Joseph second-in-command over ALL Egypt!!! You can read Joseph’s story in Genesis 37, 39-50.

Most of us have heard that story before. But this time I read it in light of my current circumstances. My husband’s business isn’t doing as well as we’d like it to and in the area of finances we’ve been really struggling.

Everything that happened to Joseph, God let happen to him. Yes, God brought him to Egypt and made him a leader there for a purpose but God could have brought him there an easier and shorter way. Joseph spent 13 years as a slave!

God purposefully allowed those things to happen to Joseph to prepare him for what was to come. In all the many years that Joseph ruled in Egypt he never fell into sin as many powerful leaders have. He kept following God faithfully for his whole life. He only had one wife and was faithful to her. He was never arrogant or prideful and he never took revenge on those who had made his life miserable for all those years. That takes character! And that’s what he had after going through everything he did with a good attitude and continued hard work.

That’s what I need to do too! Whatever I am going through is what God has allowed into my life to prepare me for what is to come. I need to go through it with a good attitude and a good work ethic. Then I will be ready to do whatever God will call me to next.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Please comment below :)

8 Responses to “Joseph”

  1. Tina Rattray-Green says:

    I think you are right. Even though we don’t think that we can handle anymore, God always shows us the way. They say that he doesn’t give you more than you can handle and some days I am sure that you don’t believe that but hang in there. He will bring you through it. Good luck in everything you and your husband do. Prayers will be with you.

  2. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    Would love to share a book link with you for a BRAND NEW book called “Those Who Wait:Finding God in Doubt, Dissapointment and Delay by Tanya Marlow” which should be out Monday or Tuesday. The book is a marvelous study about waiting in a “hurry up” world. She also has an active Facebook page.

    God’s time isn’t our time, and even if we learn it, we have to learn it over….and over

  3. Maria Unrau says:

    I will see if I can ralay what is in my head. I think everything is allowed so that we can see how choices of evil and choices of good can effect everything and everyone around us.
    So what if pharaoh’s wife was in a relationship with God and she had dealt with her hurt feelings of being rejected by a handsome man in obedience to God? That would have changed the whole story. I don’t always act in line with God’s word and I ruin relationships that way.our choices affect those around us soooo very much and to me this story shows how it can affect even those who are good and how God finds a way to restore what was taken away by evil choices. Hope I made a bit of sense.

  4. Celesta says:

    Thanks so much Tina.

  5. Celesta says:

    Andrea, so true. God’s time isn’t our time. And His time is always perfect. Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Celesta says:

    Maria, yes God is so awesome that he takes all the bad in the world and even the bad we do and turns things around to fulfill his plan. He’s always working for the good of those who love him. Thanks for your comments :)

  7. Linda Dajani says:

    When I returned from Israel, my home church turned its back on me because of a lie that had been spread during my absence by a respected local Bible teacher. The lie was especially hurtful because it had come from someone I’d considered a friend. That abandonment and condemnation by the congregation resulted in the loss of my singing ministry, my husband turning away from the Lord, and a very dark night of the soul during which I questioned my guidance and had a real knock-down-drag-out battle with the Lord. I didn’t understand why, when I had done everything He’d asked, the church had rejected me and I found myself in such bitter circumstances and raising 2 small boys alone. This was NOT how it was supposed to be! This was NOT the life I’d ordered! When I finally stopped arguing long enough to listen, He told me the same thing He’d told Peter: ‘What is that to you; follow Me.’ The clay has no right to question the Potter! God is not required to give me an explanation! He may, in His good time, provide me with insight–but He is NOT required to do so. And no matter the circumstances, my only response can be, ‘Hineni, Adonai! Here am I, Lord!’

  8. Celesta says:

    Yes, God is sovereign. He told us that in this world we will have trouble but we can take heart because he has overcome the world!

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