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The Helper

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Sitting in my new favorite writing spot this afternoon and gazing into the sky, I got to pondering our relationship. He’s so different than I used to think he was.

It shocks me – nothing is beneath him. He has no pride. Whatever it takes to help, he’ll do it. And he’s not just willing; he actually wants to help me, because that is his nature. He withholds nothing from me that would help me. And he and I both know… I don’t deserve his help.

He steps back and lets me play the lead in his story while he casts himself in the supporting role. Though he holds all the power, he lets me make all the decisions. He knows everything and gives guidance but he never forces me to do things his way, even though he has every right to.

That’s what love does. Love does not care about status or seek to be glorified but works for the good of others. God is love.

It’s bizarre – the competitive, hierarchal nature of this world is so contrary to the nature of God, the helper. My creator and king delights in assisting and supporting me. The concept is so foreign it is hard to wrap my head around. I love him because he loves me and helps me though I am unworthy. I want to want what he wants.

God, please give me the nature of a helper, too. I want to love and to help like you do.

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