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Finding Destiny

It is so easy to feel lost, even bewildered when trying to figure out what to do in life…at least it certainly feels that way to me.  I have been struggling lately, especially in the areas of work/vocation and ministry.  But I know that God wants us to turn to Him for guidance and direction.  We don’t have feel lost because God has the plan!  And He wants to lead us!


God Leads Through Our Desires!

I know God does not want to make us miserable!   He made you and me the way we are because He takes pleasure in us!  The desires we have to do certain types of things are from God. In Psalm 139:13 & 14 it says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  Who we are and the kinds of things we like, is no accident. God made us, knew us before we were born and had a plan for us.  He gives us desires to point us in the right general direction.

I think it is important to go in the direction of your passion unless it becomes clear that direction is not what God is calling you to.  If God wants to change the direction of your life He will make that clear to you.  He will also give you new desires to match the new call.  It can be important to wait for God’s timing; moving forward at God’s pace as He develops your character. Sometimes we have to wait to act on the desires that God gives us.  It is difficult to wait but important not to rush ahead into folly or sin.  Just remember the example of Abraham.  God promised to grant him a son.  Then instead of waiting for the blessing, he went ahead, trying to get the desired results on his own and slept with someone who wasn’t his wife!  That turned out to be disastrous!  You can read the story in Genesis, beginning in chapter 13. Follow your desires to find your destiny but be sure to follow the path of wisdom and goodness.


Other Ways God Leads

God also leads us through circumstances. When all the doors are closing in a particular area it is usually a sign.  That particular destiny is not for you.  When all the doors are open for a thing that you want to do, it is often also a sign.  This is something you are to do.

However, circumstances may mislead you.  Sometimes it is important to press trough on an issue and then the doors will open.  Conversely, sometimes a thing may be a bad idea even if the way seems open.  Always use wisdom.  It is a good idea to ask advice from wise people and again don’t do something dishonest or dishonourable.

There many ways that God uses to lead people.  For instance, sometimes a Bible verse may come to mind regarding a certain issue.  Or the pastor may preach on a certain topic at church which relates to your circumstance.  Or a friend may happen to convey about a personal experience, all the while not knowing about your present dilemma.


Find Your Destiny!

Everyone was created for an important purpose.  If you are wasting your life on T.V., movies, games or other ultimately worthless activities, I would suggest that you have not found your true destiny.  I am not satisfied to live a life where what I do doesn’t matter.  Join me on this journey to search for true love and Truth.


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