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When Your Feelings Aren’t Right

You’ve probably struggled through a time when your feelings weren’t right.

I know I have. I’m in that time right now.

I’m an author with over 30 books published yet I feel like writing is so hard that I can’t do it. God has specifically called me to write. Yet almost every day I feel like I can’t do it.

But that’s not the only area where I struggle with feeling like I can’t do it. I feel that many everyday tasks are overwhelmingly difficult. Doing the dishes, laundry, tidying up, buying groceries – all these small tasks I’ve done thousands of times before, sometimes when I’m faced with them I just crumple, feeling like I can’t do it.

I struggle with depression – my brain chemistry is off. I know this and try to address it in various ways to minimize its effect. You can read about that in my other posts Fight Depression & Win, Light Therapy For Depression and Fight Depression Spiritually.

But today I want to talk specifically about when our feelings aren’t right.

I don’t feel right in other areas, too. I have a fierce competitive streak and my feelings are that I want to win, no matter what. For me, comparing myself to others is a constant temptation, even though I know it always leads to sin => pride if I’m doing better or jealousy/coveting if I’m doing worse.

I’m not supposed to be winning. I’m supposed to be loving people.

The fact is, we’re called to love everyone, even our enemies! I have to confess I basically only love those who love me. I rarely even feel love for acquaintances never mind strangers or enemies.

My feelings are a long way off what they should be – what they need to be.

But when not feeling right, we’re in good company. Jesus felt that way too.

Maybe you’re objecting right now. Jesus never sinned!

That’s true. But feelings aren’t sins. They’re just feelings. It’s what you do with those feelings that become sin. Do you dwell on them? Do you obsess over them in your fantasy life? Do you act on them?

When Jesus didn’t want to die on the cross the night before He was crucified His feelings weren’t right – meaning they were out of line with God’s will. Having feelings that aren’t right are part of the human condition. Even Jesus experienced them!

What did Jesus, our role model do when His feelings weren’t right?

He went to God in prayer and He asked others to pray for Him.

So that’s what I do too. I take my feelings to God and ask Him for help. And I ask my friends to pray for me too, to follow through and do what I know God wants me to.

I need Him to give me the strength to carry on. But more than that I’m praying that He will fix my feelings. He made me. I know that He can fix me.

So please pray for me that I would write lots and that I would be able to take joy in doing what God made me for.

Maybe you’re struggling with your feelings in some area of your life. Follow the example of our role model. You can take your feelings to God, too.

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  1. I know the struggle. I spent Sep. and Oct. fighting cellulitis and and an Upper respiratory infection, after 18 months of Cellulitis and a UTI, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. I haven’t been able to write since last year, due to illness. I’m too tired/sick to focus on it. o, I struggle with the drive, and the problem every day. At times, I tell time, by going. “The big hand is on . . . and the little hand is on . . .” :-P
    You are not alone that’s why I asked your opinion that letter. I’m hood for about two hours a day of “intelligent” thought. Keep praying, be willing to ask for help (I have trouble with this part), and accept help.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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