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Teacher, writer, follower of Jesus.

Thanks for your interest in me and in what I do.

So, a little about me…I’m the mother of two beautiful girls and I’ve been married to the best guy on earth for over twenty years now. I started full-time into the entrepreneur world in 2009. Prior to that, I always thought that I would settle in somewhere as a school teacher, since I have a Bachelor of Education and my mother, father, and sister are all teachers.

But God had a different plan for me… and now I’m okay with that. In fact, I love my new life! I get to work from home and mother my children and write/work on projects that I find fulfilling. As I remarked to a friend a while back, I get to be with my husband 24/7 and I love it! (She thought I was joking when I told her, but no…he really is the greatest guy on earth!) This is like one of those ads that you read “Work from home and have it all – your dream job…” but you know it’s a scam because it’s too good to be true…only for me it is true! I really do get to have it all. I’m living my dream. And for that I am very thankful to God because every good and perfect gift is from God.

Celesta Thiessen the Writer and Author

I enjoy writing. When I was twelve years old, I had in my mind that I was going to be a writer when I grew up…and now I am. When I first started writing, I could hardly bring myself to say, “I’m a writer”, because I felt like a fraud, like I was just pretending to be a writer. But now I do call my self a writer and I even call myself an author. With over 20 books published I finally feel comfortable with the title!


These days, I write articles and web content mostly for my own websites. Most of my current non-fiction writing is on my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

I have also written two non-fiction books for adults, Please Fix My Marriage and Please Fix meThough my husband and I now have a very healthy, loving and devoted relationship this was not always the case. It was hearing God that helped me to heal and that fixed our marriage.

The greatest non-fiction project I’ve worked on so far are the Interactive Bible Story apps for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Mac. These apps teach Bible stories in a fun and interactive way. There is also a life application story included in each app so that children understand how the message from that Bible story applies to real life.


Kitty Castle Series

My daughter Keziah and I have written a set of five short chapter books for children in grades one to four. The Kitty Castle Series is available as paperback books or as ebooks.

The Kitty Castle Series is also available as a FREE app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. The first book, Nightcat, is free and the other books in the series are available as in-app purchases.

The Tail of the Mermaids Series

I’m writing a new series with both my daughters, Keziah and Priscilla. We’ve  published book three and are hard at work on book four. The Tail of the Mermaids Series is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats. These beginning chapter books are for children in grades one to four.

The Super Seven Series

The Super Seven Series is a set of seven books for children nine years old and up. It’s about seven young superheroes of the future fighting to save their friends and family.

Young Adult Fiction (Teens)

Going through the teen-age years is something we all have in common, a specific time in life that most people can identify with. Though the settings and plot lines are very different for my different novels the themes are the same: finding your place in the world and finding love. I suppose the reason these sorts of stories appeal to me is because, in many ways, I am currently still working towards finding those things myself.

Freedom’s Heroes

Whispers of a Faded Dreamer

Prince Jade

Amber Rain

Surviving the Apocalypse in Steinbach, MB

Books for Adults

I think one of the strongest themes in my books for adults is that past evil doesn’t have to define your future – you don’t have to be who you were.

The Dragon Warrior and the Princess

Way to Paridise

Coder & the Fixer

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