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The Rose

Long ago there was a great king named Kel who had power not of this world. He was good and kind. Great love burned in his heart.

Kel lived in a barren place. There were no trees, no grass.. no water. He was all alone. He wanted to take care of something and to make something grow. He wanted something to love.

So, using his own power, he caused water to pour from the rocks. Grass and trees began to grow – without seed. When it was finished, it was very beautiful.

In the center of Kel’s garden, he grew a rose bush. And on that rose bush, he grew a single rose. It was big and red, and it filled the whole world with its sweet, sweet scent.

Not long after his garden’s beginning, he made for himself children- many, many children. They were fat and healthy. But as they grew, they became selfish and reckless.

One day Kel’s children had a violent grass fight. They pulled up the grass in great clumps. Amidst their fighting, they realized that they found pleasure in this destruction. So they began to peel the bark off the trees and to pull the leaves off.

Their father met them in the garden. Kel looked at them. He loved them despite what they had done to his garden.

“My children,” Kel said “I love you very much and I will always love you. It is wrong that you destroy my garden, but you must not pick my rose, for you were born under its scent.”

They cared little for his words, but hearing this, they sought out the rose. First, his children just looked at it. Then they began to smell the beautiful rose and then to feel its velvety petals.

Their father looked on and shook his head. He knew what would happen. Yet he did nothing. He could not stop them with words; he would not stop them by force.

Then suddenly they tore off the rose, cutting their hands on its thorns. They laughed as they ran away with their prize. At first the rose seemed the same. It smelled as sweet and looked just as red. But soon it began to wilt, to grow brown and then to die.

The rose was no longer attached to the bush, fed by their father’s power. Its healing fragrance no longer filled the world. The children became ill for the first time.

They were ashamed of what they had done, but they were stubborn. They threw the rose in with the garbage and would not give it back to their father, even though they knew he could make things right.

Every day, the situation grew more and more desperate. Some of his children died. The surviving children were filled with dread. They knew what they had to do, but it had been so long. Many thought that their father no longer had the power to save them. Others feared that the great king wouldn’t want to.

Finally, with tears and trembling, they retrieved the wilted rose, which was now covered with filth, and went back to their father’s garden.

The children were so ill; they barely reached it in time.

The garden was dead. Nothing was left alive. The grass was brown and dry. A cold wind blew through the leafless trees. But instead of the smell of decay, they smelled a smell as sweet as the rose. The children called for their father but he didn’t answer.

They finally found Kel lying on what used to be a bed of violets. He was still and as white as snow. Near him there was a great marble bowl filled with red. Beside the bowl there lay a parchment on which was written a message in his hand.

“Children, my love for you has no limits, and I am always able to save you. To bring the rose to life again, it must be submerged in my blood. So, in the bowl you see before you is my blood, every last drop of it.

I emptied it, even when you would not turn back to me. I prepared everything so you would lose no time and I would lose no more children. Be quick. Throw the rose in.”

The children read and wept and threw the rose in. The blood swirled and covered the rose.

The children were exhausted and fell asleep. While they slept, the blood soaked into the rose. The blood grew less and less, until at last, there was only the rose…Red, lush, and…Alive!

Never to die again! It had the power of their father inside it!

When the children awoke, they saw it and they wept with joy. They looked to where their father lay, but He was gone.

The children sat and talked together. Their father had died to save them. How could they live without him? They had seen him dead, but where was his body now?

Suddenly, their father appeared beside them. He was not a ghost; he was real. With his same power that made the garden grow from nothing, King Kel had defeated death and had returned.

The children jumped up and hugged their father. Kel smiled and held them in his arms.

His children live in great joy. They had, and are still having, many other adventures, some even beyond imagination. But with their great father, King Kel, as their ally, they have success in everything they do.

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