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Research Project – Mira Kadia

Tyra scanned through the documents on the archaic Library computer.  It was too bad history had become unimportant to her culture.  Records were scattered.  Information was hard to find.  Her school project was to research a historical figure of about the same age and write a report about that person’s life.  Tyra, being 17, had chosen to write on Mira Kadia, who had lived some 200 years earlier.  A ship had carried her away from their world on May 25, 3117.  Tyra saw an interesting link and clicked on it.


Historical Documentation of the life of Mira Kadia
– May 24 & 25, Year 3117

May 24 – Mira Kadia Status Update, Social Networking Site

The choice that lies before me is too much for any one person to bear.


May 24 – Internet Chat Between Rashi Kadia and Mira Kadia

Rashi – Hi!

Mira – hi

Rashi – What’s happening?  I came on as soon as my shift ended.

Mira – The enemy finally replied to my father.

Rashi – What did they say?

Mira – They say they’ll leave our planet alone if my father gives me to them.  To marry their prince.

Rashi – That’s outrageous!  No!  Our people no longer practice arranged marriages!  And to them?!  May it never be!

Mira – I am afraid, and I feel my heart is breaking, but I would save my people if it were possible…My father says they want me as a conquest trophy.

Rashi – More like they want our synth.  They must know you’re the leading scientist for the project.  Being able to produce many kinds of food from genetically altered algae is very valuable info.  And we’d give it to them, too, but why you?  No!  Mira, No!!!!

Mira – My father says they might not even leave even if I do go to them.

Rashi –Your father’s not going to give you up, is he?!?!?  I would fight to save you Mira.

Mira – But what if they would keep their word?  You know our shields have been in the red for far too long.  What if my sacrifice could save everyone under the dome?  My father’s letting me decide.

Rashi – We should fight to the last man and let the whole dome fall before we give you up!

Mira – Rashi…Do you think they would leave?  Could we save everyone?

Rashi –Mira, NO!

Mira – But think of our younger brothers and sisters and all the other children…This dome holds over 100 000 souls.  How could I not try?

Rashi – Mira I…I will leave the choice to you, just as your father has done.  You have wisdom beyond your years.  I will trust you to do right.  And I think I already know what you’re going to do.

Mira – I have to go now.  My father’s waiting for an answer.

Rashi – May you always walk in the Light of the Truth.

Mira – Yes and you, too.

Rashi –ttyl

Mira – ttyl


May 25 – Mira Status Update, Social Networking Site

I am ready to face whatever may lie ahead.  I pray that my actions save my people.

…sometimes “ttyl” really means…goodbye forever.


May 26 –Rashi Kadia Status Update, Social Networking Site

For those who believe, there is no goodbye.  Whatever happens, I’ll see you on the other side.


Tyra scrolled down.  There was no more.

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  1. Leo says:

    That’s the best variation yet :)!

  2. Leo says:

    Very nice!

  3. Alecia says:

    Really liked this one!
    I like the way you formatted everything, and the two different time periods working together.
    Also, I think you drew the emotional state of Rashi and Mira into a picture the reader can identify with.
    Well done!

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