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Mail Order

By the light of the purple moon that shone in though the window, Darcy hurriedly ate the day-old pizza.  He couldn’t be late!  Shoving the rest into his mouth, he grabbed his keys and pushed open the door.  He’d been waiting so long; now, finally, the package would arrive from Earth.  Ten years he had lived on this outpost, and he had placed this order over seven years ago.

Darcy strode briskly down the darkened street.  His feet left imprints in the dust and an alien breeze caressed his face.  The post office was only a short distance away.  He could already see the warm glow beckoning him from inside the building.  As soon as the door slid aside, he saw the large parcel behind the counter.   It was for him!

The woman behind the counter smiled mechanically.

“Present your ID.”

Darcy pulled his wallet from his back pocket and held his photo ID out to the woman.  She passed the plastic card under the scanner.

“Wait there one moment, Sir, while I bring the package out to you.”

She rolled the large box out on a wheeled contraption.  Then she stepped back behind the counter.  Darcy was glad he wouldn’t have to take the big metal container home.  Leaning over, he peered at the green, pulsating security seal. All was in order.  It had not been tampered with.  Darcy pulled a hammer from his tool belt.  Swiftly he slammed the hammer into the seal, shattering it.  The door of the box released with a faint hissing sound.

Darcy pressed his fingertips into the dark, open crevice.  He pulled the door aside and gasped.  Yes, this was just what he had ordered!

Her blue eyes stared up at him, an expression of purest innocence on her face.   He reached down his hand to her.  She smiled and reached towards him.  Yes, she would love him.

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4 Responses to “Mail Order”

  1. jcypher says:

    What!! Lol, future mail order bride? Cryogenic storage maybe, or is it a bot? Tube grown? Yikes… Lol… glad I got the old-fashioned kind of woman for my wife!!

  2. Celesta says:

    Yeah. You’re one lucky dude!

  3. Alyssa says:


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