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Flying Right

Jordan Powel flew through the air in the cafeteria directly into a large metal pot, sending macaroni everywhere as the pot reverberated with a gong.  The 13-year-old boy rubbed his head fiercely, stood up and then quickly gathered the lunch fare onto a tray: macaroni, chocolate milk and banana pudding for desert.

“I think the lunch lady hates me,” said Jordan, as he joined his friend and they made their way to an open spot at one of the tables.

“Probably,” agreed Marcy, looking back towards the mess as she set her tray down.  “What was with head-butting the macaroni pot, anyway?”

Jordan sighed deeply as he sat down beside her.  “You know I’ve been having a hard time controlling my flying.  And it gets worse when I’m upset.”

“So you flew into the macaroni pot?!”  Marcy laughed in a friendly way.  “That’s why I like you, Jordan; Superhero School would be rather dull without you around.  I’m so glad you decided to attend here instead of the Supervillan School.”

They started on their lunch.  Jordan was still quiet.

“So what is bothering you?” asked Marcy.

“My dad.  You know he escaped from prison and I thought…well, I thought he might come visit me.”

“He’s a bad guy, Jordan.  He uses his super powers for evil.  Bad guys do bad things.  You should be glad he’s not in your life anymore.”

“Yeah, I guess.”


That night, as Jordan stared out his bedroom window at the boarding school, he couldn’t help thinking about the past.  Jordan had sent his father a letter when he was still in prison, telling him that everything was forgiven.  But his father had never written back.

Tears stung Jordan’s eyes, blurring his vision.  He wiped them away with the sleeve of his Superman pajama shirt.  Jordan had chosen to be a good guy and now…it was like he didn’t even have a dad.

Jordan climbed up onto the cement ledge of the open window.  A cool, moist wind blew past his face and through his hair.  Jordan stared up at the star-filled sky and at the half-moon as it gave off a soft, white light.

It is right to be a good guy, he thought.  Whatever happens, I will never change my mind.

As these thoughts passed through his mind, Jordan felt his feet lifting from the ledge.  A surge of joy coursed through him as he jolted upwards.  Up and up he soared until it seemed the stars were all around him. He had never been able to fly so far before.  Then he shot out over the countryside, feeling the wind whipping past, seeing only tiny lights far below.  Jordan shouted in excitement as he stretched his arms out in front of him and swooped towards the Earth.  The rolling hills and tall trees seemed to rush up out of the darkness.  He leveled out, grazing the top-most leaves.

Jordan slowed his speed and turned back in the direction of the school.  Then picking up speed, the ground almost blurred as Jordan raced home.  The large, stone building came in sight, and Jordan made for his window on the second floor.  He landed lightly on the ledge.  A perfect touchdown.

Jordan smiled as he closed the window and headed for his bed.  Whatever happens, I will never regret my choice, he thought, as got under the blankets.  I choose good.

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