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Mini Kitties

The idea of having mini kitties has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years.  Mini kitties are very small cats that could be carried in a purse.  There has been some argument over the existence and definition of mini kitties.

Do Mini Kitties Exist?

The normal weight range for an adult cat is between 6 and 18 lbs.  Some people claim that any cat under 10 lbs is a mini kitty but this is categorically untrue.  Cats less than 6 lbs, however, are considered unusually small and are, by some, called mini kitties.  Mini kitties can come in many different colors and can be different breeds of cats.

What Types of Mini Kitties Exist?

Any domestic cat can produce a mini kitty.  Some specific breeds likely to have mini kitties are Silver and Golden Persian, Siamese, Singapura and Munchkin cats.  Rusty Spotted Cats are the smallest kitties on earth.

Domestic cats can produce a mini kitty as the result of a genetic mutation of some type.  A mini kitty of this kind is the tiny runt of the litter.  These mini kitties can be very small.  Some mini kitties with a genetic defect never grow past the kitten stage and maintain their adorable kitten look and behaviour for as long as they live.  Unfortunately, most of these mini kitties will not enjoy an average lifespan due to complications associated with their genetic mutation.  Mr. Peebles, a domestic tabby cat, was awarded the title “World’s Smallest Living Cat” by the Guinness book of world records in 2006.  He was 3 lbs.  Mr. Peebles has since passed away, due to a stroke, at 4 ½ years of age.

Silver and Golden Persian cats are generally smaller than other Persians.  Some breeders have used selective breeding to produce a toy (smaller) version of the Persian.  Golden and Silver Persian mini kitties can be as small as 4 lbs.   These mini kitties are often free of the health problems that other mini kitties may have.

Siamese cats, at one time, were selectively bred to produce mini kitties.  This breeding program has been abandoned due to the health issues experienced by the smaller Siamese.  There are some Siamese mini kitties under 5 lbs.

Singapura cats are considered to be the smallest breed of domestic cats.  Singapura average weight range is between 4 and 9 lbs.  Many individuals from this breed would fit into less-than-six-pounds category and thus would be considered mini kitties.  The average female Sinapura is about 5.5 lbs.  Singapura mini kitties do not suffer from significant health problems due to size or inbreeding.  These cats are rarer than other breeds and are quite expensive.

Munchkin cats have dwarfism.  Their bodies usually grow to full size but their legs are much shorter.  Sometimes a Munchkin will be a mini kitty with short legs, if the cat itself is small.  Heed, a Munchkin cat, was a contender for the title of “World’s Smallest Cat”.

Rusty Spotted Cats are truly the smallest cats on earth.  Rusty Spotted cats weigh between 3 and 6 lbs and average about 14-17 inches in length.  Unfortunately, this mini kitty is not domestic but a wild cat.  Rusty Spotted cats live primarily in India and are considered an endangered species.

How Can I Get A Mini Kitty?

There are three ways mini kitties can be obtained.  You can search for mini kitties by checking out all the kitten litters near you.  When you find a tiny runt of a littler, choose it because it is likely to be a mini kitty.  Kittens are often given away or sold at a cheap price so obtaining a runt is an inexpensive option.  Just be aware of the possible heath issues mentioned above.  A second alternative is to get an adult cat of mini kitty size.  Check out the local classified ads in your area.  People often give their older cats away free.  Some of these cats are mini kitties.  A third option is to contact a breeder of a specific type of cat and order a kitten.  Make sure to inform the breeder that you would like a mini kitty, with an expected full-grown size of less than 6 lbs.  Be aware that special breeds of cats are likely to be quite expensive, between $500 and $2000.

What is the Value of Mini Kitties?

Mini kitties are petite, snugly and very cute!  These small cats are better suited for restricted environments such as apartments.  Also, being so small, mini kitties are portable and can be carried about it a large purse or small bag.  Like all cats, mini kitties provide companionship, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and even decrease the risk of heart attack.

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